Maria Eriksson
Business Development Manager and Programme Director
+46 (0) 70 874 18 34

Maria Eriksson is the initiator and Managing Director for Pharma Outsourcing – Find The Right Partner in Stockholm.
She holds a MSc in Medical Biology from Linköping University. Maria has a current position as Business Development Manager at Journal of Chemistry & Biotechnology (Kemivärlden Biotech) and has more than 14 years experience from the Life Science Industry. She has a background from the pharma industry and Karolinska Hospital where she served as a Research Engineer in the Fertility Unit.

Maria is the initiator and Managing Director for other international annual events organized by Kemivärlden Biotech such as New Updates in Drug Formulation & Bioavailability in Copenhagen, The Future of Swedish & Danish Life Science in Lund, Bioscience 2018 – Research Through innovative Technologies in Uppsala and New Horizons in Biologics & Bioprocessing in Stockholm.

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