About PharmaOutsourcing

PharmaOutsourcing includes a combination of partnering, presentations, exhibition and informal networking. These four core elements of the day run in parallel and ensure that the event is a lively, energetic day designed to impart new knowledge and build new networks.

PRESENTATIONS: Listen to small, middle sized pharma and biotech companies and Big Pharma and hear their stories, learn about their needs and the requirements for the service providers. Learn how others are approaching shared outsourcing challenges. The seminar part of PharmaOutsourcing 2018 will be located next to the exhibition and the seminar program consists of one track.

EXHIBITION: The central hub of the event, the exhibition provides a platform for partners and vendors to engage and discuss outsourcing opportunities. Partners and vendors will be able to utilize the partnering software to arrange stand meetings at PharmaOutsourcing 2018.

INFORMAL NETWORKING: We hope you will be able to join us for the end of show drinks and refreshments reception, which provides a great opportunity to network with fellow delegates. Combined with the extended lunch break and coffee breaks, delegates will have ample opportunities to touch base on a more informal basis.

ONE-ON-ONE MEETINGS: To the PharmaOutsourcing philosophy, one-on-one meetings between partners and vendors provide a great opportunity to initiate contact or touch base on existing projects. Partnering is facilitated by using our partnering software, which is available to all delegates 2 weeks prior to the PharmaOutsourcing event. Participation in partnering meetings is completely optional.