December 12th 2018

Pharma Outsourcing – Find the right partner

The international annual partnering meeting PHARMA OUTSOURCING is targeted at R&D and CMC professionals, service providers and Investment Managers, and provides an opportunity to meet, network and discuss best practices related to outsourcing in drug development. Organized for the fourth time on December 12th, 2018, the event will cover all stages from preclinical research to late clinical phases as well as contract manufacturing. The day will feature 30 exhibitors, and is expected to attract around 150 delegates. Pharma Outsourcing will cover contract research and manufacturing in both small molecule and biological APIs, and the event will be covered by the media.

We invite you to this year’s Pharma Outsourcing, being held in Stockholm on 12th December, 2018.

In 2017, the number of patents registered in Sweden reached an all-time high, and we have seen continuing investment. But are the life sciences in flux /in constant change/, and are there global opportunities for a global industry?

We want to investigate how you achieve outsourcing drug development, and the journey of getting a drug to market.

Virtual companies have succeeded in their preclinical work, they are now recruiting patients for clinical trials, and hope to make money from products within a couple of years in order to reward shareholders.

We are interested in the success stories. The market for drug development outsourcing is reportedly worth $6.0bn. How do you outsource and form collaborations with outsourcing companies that you put your trust and money in, in order to move your products forward?

Pernille Hemmingsen
Pernille Hemmingsen has more than a decade of experience in the development of pharmaceutical products in both solid and liquid dosage form. With a background in biophysical chemistry and chemical engineering, she is particularly interested in the development of stable products and robust manufacturing methods. This interest has led to the development of products based on cancer targeting liposomes and antibody drug conjugates, tamper resistant tablets, and enhanced diabetes formulations. Currently, Pernille Hemmingsen is responsible for the chemistry, manufacturing and control of Savara’s Molgradex programme. This work particularly includes establishing an efficient supply chain that encompasses elements from biologics and device development. Pernille holds a Ph.D. from the Department of Chemistry at the Technical University of Denmark and a Master of Business Administration from the Copenhagen Business School.

Partnering meetings with other delegates during the event can be booked in advance. Please make sure you are registered for such meetings in plenty of time!

The one-on-one meeting system opens 2 weeks prior to the event and is free of charge.