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Life Science Sweden - leading in news and events

Life Science Sweden was founded 20 years ago and is the leading media and event organizer in the Nordics within the Life Science sector. We recently reached 50.000 unique page views one week on We are unique since we are independent and offer a complete communication platform for you to reach out to your customers/clients, partners and investors:

  1. 6 annual international partnering-events
  2. Magazine Life Science Sweden (3 issues in Swedish/year + 1 international issue in English including The Swedish Life Science Industry Guide/year)
  3. 5 Newsletters/week (in Swedish and English,15.500 recipients and 10.100 recipeints respectively)
  4. News portal
  5. Membership
  6. Podcast "Life Science-podden" 4 times/year including exclusive sponsor opportunity (read more and listen on

We cover:

  • Politics, authorities and regulation.
  • Innovation, R&D, production and marketing.
  • Business and everything that makes life science and chemistry to a profit for each patient and society.

These are the people we reach:

Procurers, politicians at the county level, drug committees, business management in health care, university and university researchers/biomedical scientists, lab managers, biomedical analysts, chemists/chemical engineers, VC’s/investment managers, decision makers, leaders and R&D people in the biotech, pharmaceutical, chemical and nanotech industry including contract manufacturers, CROs/CDMOs and people who need legal and regulatory advice etc.


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Annual international partnering-events organized by Life Science Sweden:

Lab & Diagnostics of The Future
April 7th, Stockholm

New Updates in Drug Formulation & Bioavailability
September 6th, Copenhagen

The Future of Swedish & Danish Life Science
September 7th, Lund

Bioscience - Research Through Innovative Technologies
November 8th, Stockholm

Pharma Outsourcing - Find The Right Partner
December 1st, Stockholm

New Horizons in Biologics & Bioprocessing
December 15th, Stockholm